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The Glock 20 and 21 as seeking weapon

Discussions on the "right" finishing shot Caliber are similarly controversial and extensive discussions on how the rifle ammunition for hunting. Selecting a handgun for requesting, Hunting and Shooting Training is even more complex because the parameters of play including weapons law, robustness and tractability of the handgun and ammunition availability and cost and controllability by the shooter an important role. With the standard version of the Glock 20 or 21 (+ removable drive) is a solution available to nearly all the parameters taken into account.
The Glock 20 (standard version) is the caliber of 10 mm designed car, the Glock 21 (standard version) for the 45 ACP caliber. These weapons are precisely 2.5 mm to 32.5 mm wide than the standard 9x19 or other Glocks in calibers. This can cause difficulties for people with smaller hands. The Glock 20 weighs has a magazine for 15 rounds and weighs 785 grams without the magazine, the Glock 21 the same width 745 grams The magazine can hold 13 rounds. The width of the standard version in 9 x 19 or .40 S & W is only 30 mm.

caliber 10 mm Auto
The caliber 10 mm Auto - even "The Big 10" - is what gun ammunition addresses one of the best caliber. It was developed to surpass the properties of the most used pistol caliber 9 x 19 and .45 ACP. It should offer a better man Stop effect and better ballistic performance of Norma in 1983 and has been for the Bren Ten pistol on the market. The cartridge is suffering today from her bad start, although the legendary Jeff Cooper was one of their strong supporters.
The expensive Bren Ten, there was delivery and other difficulties, and the production was already three years later set, although the weapon strong popularity was the fact that the style-setting in terms of fashion Miami Vice star Don Johnson, in the first season of the show began. In 1987, Colt Delta Elite pistol in this caliber on the market. Smith & Wesson moved with the model after 1076, which was used by the U.S. Federal police car as a 10 mm service weapon. However, we quickly came to the conclusion that a weaker loaded cartridge for the official use of FBI agents is useful, it was the charge of "10 mm FBI, but caused problems with the weapon. Finally emerged from a number of other revisions, the .40 Smith & Wesson. Still share in the USA but still sporadic authorities, the 10 mm example, a car, the police forces of Albuquerque and Anniston.

The muzzle energy of the 10 mm Auto is located between the Revolver .357 Magnum and .41 Magnum, the cartridge can not be certain serious dominate as the sustained popular .44 Magnum. With the right weapon - such as the Glock 20, which has been called "perhaps the most controllable 10 mm pistol yet developed," is the control of the rebound from a reasonably skilled gun no problem. Perhaps it is true that, first, a regular and extensive and all mandatory short weapons training for many police forces is illusory, and secondly, the smaller dimensions, & a .40 S W or 9 x 19 required all police officers hands (and small), a standard weapon " fit off the rack "can be. So that the car would be 10 mm as service arms ammunition natural wastage. An interesting use of the cartridge was made by the Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) of the FBI, 1992, a Heckler & Koch MP 5 submachine gun in 10 mm Auto ordered (MP 5 / 10).
The choice is therefore the 10 mm Auto, because it is one of the most dangerous situations seeking suitable: accept feral reared with a deep head, shortest distance, speed, frontal attack. Suitable for this fast, long and hard floors, which can penetrate the bone (eg different as the finishing shot as a chamber shot at deer or sick deer no hollow point bullets). However, in 10 mm Auto ammunition is not only expensive but also sometimes difficult to obtain. This means either the re-entry into the shop or search for specific munitions and creating of an appropriate supply. In any case, it also means that we carefully work out with the recoil heavy caliber must, but for regular and frequent shooting outside of the actual fishing income training - about the training on the inevitable in most stands 25 m distance - a removable drive for another and should indeed use cheaper and readily available caliber.

The caliber .45 ACP is therefore (short, slow bullet ) requesting less suitable (185 g/12 g, 285 m / s, 485 Joules - also Prvi Partizan), the choice of a Glock 21 in this caliber but it has two other important advantages: ammunition in .45 ACP is available as a relatively cheap and easy training ammunition for sale and the choice of this caliber (11.4 x 23 mm) allows without re-examination need to acquire the same or minor changes runs - for example the caliber of 10 mm Auto (10 x 25 mm). To make it clear: the owner of a hunting license can not additional needs test (the need is already available through the exercise of hunting) two short arms acquire suitable calibers and exchange barrels for these weapons in smaller or the same calibers. So, if even a first short weapon is available (for example, a caliber .22 lr for trapping) of the previous purchase of a Glock 17 in 9 x 19 and then one Wechellaufes in 10 mm Auto, .40 S & W .357 SIG or not possible). Conversely, however, the gr├Â├čerkalibrige weapon can be easily purchased as a second handgun and can then exchange for smaller caliber barrels are purchased.

Glock with a classic shoulder stock
For the bell speaks her proverbial robustness (Tenifer surface coatings for barrel and slide, resistance to corrosion polymer frame), light weight and their constant Abzugwiderstadns of the first to the last cartridge is definitely its price (around 650 € allow just the acquisition of a "cheap" or Ruger revolver from Taurus, though these are of course reliable weapons) and the plurality of interchangeable barrels and other accessories. If the weapons but opponents hair stand on end: to deal safely with a weapon makes it necessary to begin to examine it regularly and thoroughly and that overall - including what loading and unloading, Disassembly and reassembly, remove it from the holster, etc. comprising not only pure shooting and meetings.

An attractive solution with Glock pistols for seeking, hunting, protection and training could therefore mean: purchase of a Glock 20 (10mm Auto) or purchase a Glock 21 (.45 auto) and a new barrel in 10 mm Auto.
It should go without saying that particular risk to the environment by to consider how the projectiles with caliber 10 mm Auto (rebound) - especially on hard ground (eg frost, rock) and / or growth or dogs in confusing or very dynamic situation. This can be one of the reasons for today's often ridiculed or be out of ignorance and inability to use the dreaded cold weapon.
Needless to say, that each shooter for the next shot is solely responsible and make their Familiarize not only with the concrete situation, but also the performance of his Kaliber-/Geschosswahl needs.

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